The Corporate Wellness Solution: 6 Criteria to Decide

Igor Klibanov
9 min readAug 12, 2023

Lots of forward-thinking companies are looking for a good corporate wellness solution, and for good reason. They understand that corporate wellness programs can:

  • Boost productivity: healthier, fitter staff members work harder
  • Retain top talent: if one company provides wellness services for their staff, and a different company doesn’t, that can keep a staff member on board, even when they get scouted by a potentially higher-paying employer. Retaining talent is much cheaper, and less time-consuming than finding and training new talent.
  • Attract top talent: for health-conscious staff members, the prospect of improving their health may attract them to your company
  • Less absenteeism: healthier, fitter employees take fewer sick days, because they’re sick less
  • Better mental health: exercise is proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Plus, it helps with stress management

…and more.

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So it benefits everyone — the staff get healthier and fitter. The company spends money on corporate wellness, but they save it in many other ways with a great ROI. The HR manager or executive who brings a corporate wellness solution to their company looks like a hero. Win-win-win all around.



Igor Klibanov

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