How To Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism

Igor Klibanov
9 min readJan 24

By: Emily Karataeva and Igor Klibanov

So, you have hypothyroidism, and you’ve been looking for ways to lose weight. You’ve probably gone through countless different

  • Diets (Keto, Atkins)
  • Supplements (iodine, selenium, and others)
  • Exercise plans
  • Doctors (“Just eat less!”)

But to no avail. However, what if I told you that it’s actually possible for you to achieve significant weight loss, and keep it off, despite your hypothyroidism?

In this article, you can expect to learn:

  • What hypothyroidism is
  • How to start a healthy weight loss journey with hypothyroidism
  • The best kind of exercise for thyroid patients
  • Different kinds of supplements for healthy thyroid function

But before we get to all that, who even am I, and what makes me qualified to help you?


I’m Igor Klibanov. I am the proud author of 7 different books on fitness and nutrition, and I am also a personal trainer with many different clients who have hypothyroidism that I have helped in the past to lose weight and keep it off for good.

It may be hard due to doctors not taking you or your concerns seriously, and giving the same cookie cutter advice as everyone else, despite your body being different, but I am here to help you through your journey as you navigate to figure out what your body needs.

However, you might also want to understand what your condition is even about. This will give you a better understanding of yourself, and why your weight loss journey might look a little different than someone else’s



Hypothyroidism is a condition that affects your thyroid (a butterfly shaped gland in your neck) by causing it to underfunction. This happens when the thyroid gland does not secrete enough of an essential hormone responsible for the regulation of your body’s metabolism called triiodothyronine (T3). Some risk factors associated with hypothyroidism range from too little/much iodine, to surgical removal of…

Igor Klibanov

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