Body Transformation on a Deadline

Igor Klibanov
8 min readAug 15, 2023

Do you have a major event coming up, where you absolutely have to look good? Maybe a major birthday, like your 50th, 60th, 70th? Maybe a beach vacation? Maybe a family reunion or high school anniversary?

In any case, there’s a deadline. And you want to look your best for that deadline. You have certain clothes you want to wear or fit into. You don’t want to shy away from photos, and you just want to have a good time.

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What would I do with a client who had to look a certain way by a certain deadline? And what if there were no limitations?

What if my client:

  • Had enough money to exercise with a trainer each workout (the majority of our clients work with their trainer 1–2 times per week, with an additional 1–3 on their own) — 6 times per week
  • They had enough time to exercise the necessary amount
  • They had no problems with nutritional compliance

What could we accomplish then? In previous articles, I wrote about the “Cadillac” version of reversing osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and the joint pain of osteoarthritis. In this article, I’ll cover the “Cadillac” version of the body transformation on a deadline program.

What could someone expect if this was the case — if there were no limitations?

  • In a 2-month span, someone could drop 8–15 pounds, and around 2–4 dress sizes
  • In a 3-month span, someone could drop 12–25 pounds, and around 4–6 dress sizes
  • In a 6-month span, someone could drop 25–50 pounds, and around 6–12 dress sizes

Now don’t get me wrong — most people get great results if they even do just 50–70% of what I’ll cover in this article. We’ve had great success with clients like Santha, Lynn, Moe, and others.

But in this article, I’ll fantasize a bit, and detail the program (exercise, nutrition and supplements) that I would use with a client if there were no financial, time or nutritional compliance limitations. And if you see yourself in this position, and want to see whether or not this is something that you can participate in, just fill out the application form on our home page.



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